Saturday, February 7, 2009

In The Beginning

I was born in England to a military family and moved to the states at the age of one. I grew up in Laurel, MD. I played piano and organ (ya, the kind with the pedals and two keyboards) for eight years. I also played in school band. During this time I knew that I loved music but hadn't really found my muse. I was also a big time listener of music. I remember having the radio on all night with the music just filtering into my head. I also had a little transistor radio and I used to sit under a mimosa tree next to my neighbors house just listening for hours.

I stopped the piano lessons; probably because of my growing lack of interest. I remember finding a guitar in my friend Jerry's house. It belonged to his father who no longer played it. I don't remember how but I ended up having the guitar. I can still remember how magical it seemed. I used to listen to KISS Alive II (still an all time favorite) and playing air guitar for hours with that thing hanging from a rope off of my shoulder. I used to know every solo, every lick, every clap shout and whistle on that album. I wasn't interested in learning how to play the thing. It just looked and felt so cool.

Next Post: Where it all really began.

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