Monday, September 24, 2018

Almost Ten Years Between Posts

Maybe one day I'll get better at keeping track of these things.  I left off with the talent show...

After the talent show some guys at school said they saw me play and wanted to know if I was interested in being in a band.  That band became Saints and Sinners.  Jeff Gover Guitar, Gary Mauck Bass, Matt German drums.  I really wasn't a lead player but they wanted me to be.  I said yes and a band was born.

Jeff was a popular guy in school.  He was on the football team.  He and his girlfriend (Beth I think) were the official high school sweethearts.  Matt was a badass.  He was one of I think 4 brothers and seemed to always be looking for a fight.  Gary and I worked together at Roy Rogers and knew each other from North Laurel.  I don't really remember how we met but we were close and he helped me a lot when my father died.

I had a total mismatch of gear.  I think I bought some stuff from a yard sale or something but I was playing through a Sun head.  I remember it had this switch that made it sound like the "Crimson and Clover" song.  I never used it but I thought it was fun.  The head was totally clean.  I had a Cervin Vega cabinet that was huge.  Terrible rig :-).  Between my mother and my jobs (I've had many) I bought a guitar from a guy named Steve Melkisethian.  Weird name, I guess that's why I remember it.  He ran a place on Route 1 called Angela Instruments.  I remember the guitar was about a thousand bucks.  More than any car I had bought up to that time.  It was a black Strat copy made by Schecter.  I loved that guitar and I still miss it.  I took it apart years ago to fix it up... It's still in pieces in my workshop.  I kept the neck so that I can build something with it.  Someday.