Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Rock Stars and How I Met My Wife

OK, the rock stars part is a little far fetched but the story of how I met my wife (of 27 years at the time of this writing) is kind of cool and too far fetched to have been made up.

Saints and Sinners practiced at Jeff's house in Skaggsville.  I was going to Howard Community College.  Gary was going to University of Maryland.  Gary met a girl who worked at the cafeteria at UMCP.  He started chatting her up and told her he was in a band and asked if she wanted to come to a band practice.  That's how Gary was and I've never been like that.  How he could just approach girls and ask them to go places was beyond me but I'm glad he did.  She accepted.

She came to the Roost for the practice and there was a small commotion.  She knew Jeff from grade school.  She knew his whole family!  She actually lived across the field behind the Roost and down a street and had been hearing us practice but didn't know where the music was coming from.

I don't remember how many practices she came to but at some point I asked Gary if he was dating her.  He said no.  She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.  She still is.  One evening we were all sitting around and she rubbed my shoulders.  I threw out a terrible line: "What are you doing for the rest of your life".  My kids still groan at that!  I don't blame them but I was totally smitten!

I remember that soon after that Gary and maybe Jeff were going to a party at UMCP.  I asked if she wanted to go, she said yes, and we spent the evening walking around UMCP talking about whatever.  I couldn't believe that she was hanging out with me.  The next week was her birthday and I bought her roses.  They were expensive for a guy delivering pizzas.  There's a long and beautiful story that follows those events but to sum it up, Mary B has been by my side through everything and has always supported my playing music.  I'm forever thankful and grateful for that.

Thanks Gary, without you putting it all in motion I might not have ever met her.

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